Speaking & Facilitating

Inviting audiences  to consider their first steps towards deep change and transformation 


Dr. Rob connects with audiences to help them learn but also to process and integrate their leadership experiences and challenges in ways that can lead to more lasting outcomes such as connection, resilience, and competence.

Rob speaks to companies, associations and leaders from across the country, challenging and inspiring audiences to grow their capacity, connection, courage, and character in ways that positively impacts both their personal and professional contexts.  

There are lots of “Tinmen” in the corporate race, those who feel like they’ve traded their humanity for something more machine-like. Hijacked by the relentless pursuit of profit at the expense of meaning, many we’ve talked with feel chewed up and spit out…over-worked, under-appreciated, and unfulfilled. Rob shares his own journey and research to help others recover and engage their hearts in ways that can transform their personal and professional worlds.

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Topics That Dr. Rob Speaks On

Recovering the Heart & Soul of your Leadership

Leaders are under tremendous pressure and thinking smarter and working harder is not enough. Rob outlines the power and potential of the Human Operating System for leaders, teams, and organizations seeking to thrive.

Fighting For Heart

With his South African authenticity and leadership research, Rob invites audiences to learn about his Heart-Engaged EQ system to help recover and integrate their hearts to use it powerfully and unapologetically in every aspect of their life.

At The Stroke Of Midlife

Rob Murray wrestles from within the trenches of his own midlife transition, which includes sewer drains, having a stroke, doctoral research, and the advice and expertise of others who have gone before him. The end result offers inspiration and assurance for others to push through their own challenges.

Rob and Natalie speak collaboratively together on topics

Rob and his wife Natalie collaboratively share the stage to deliver talks on several topics. Combining Rob’s research and their collective intelligence and experiences, they invite audiences to boldly reach for more connection and courage with others both at home and work. Are you looking for something fun, challenging, and authentic? Reach out to explore and consider inviting Rob and Natalie to speak at your next event.

Five Reasons To Consider Rob For Your Next Event Or Corporate Training

01. Personal

Rob brings a brave level of personal depth, heart, and presence through his delivery and content, believing that it is hard to take people on a journey you have not already taken for yourself.

02. Experiential

Rob has an experiential facilitation background which offers more opportunity and options for pushing the boundaries both on and off stage with audiences, executive teams, or individuals.

03. Motivated

Rob is an active doctoral researcher studying change and transformation in the life of a leader, team, and organization. His messages emerge from the overflow of his studies and are tested and embraced in his own work.

04. Considerate

Rob understands the success of your event is important and his involvement is a small part of your bigger purpose! He takes time pre-event ensuring he learns about your audience, your desired outcomes, and how his delivery and message can be customized to best compliment.

05. Systemic

 Rob believes in the long term investment and outcomes of his approach. He works systemically at the intersection of the individual and the organization, believing both are inseparable for lasting growth. Solely focus on either one and you fail to develop the full potential for either.