Dr. Rob is the CEO and co-founder of Transformed Leader, an action-research coaching and consulting group that helps leaders, teams, and organizations address and overcome their greatest leadership challenges.


It is common for leaders and teams to get stuck or experience resistance when trying to cross over into new levels of their growth. To compensate, they may begin to hide, over function, or detach. We work at the developmental intersection of the HUMAN and and the ORGANIZATION in ways that positively impacts the whole system.

Executive leaders may have seasons of feeling fragmented and depleted because of all the heavy roles and responsibilities they carry. Sometimes they may be facing a significant personal or professional challenge and need space to focus and process.

Leaders are longing for a stronger sense of meaning and purpose in their lives yet have no idea what to do about it. Diminishing capacity, connection, and character are some of the potential consequences. Our Leadership Team Cohorts are an authentic pathway for any executive, business, sports, or nonprofit team seeking to experience bold new levels of growth.

Many of us have learned to minimize, manage, or avoid having feelings so we can outperform, produce, survive, and cope. The problem is unchecked and avoided emotions can impulsively drive behaviors and decisions in ways that lead us to become numb and detached.
What if we could help you better identify and process your feelings in ways that can lead to transformative change, less anxiety, and more connection to yourself and those around you?