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Harness the power of your heart to transform the way you live, love and lead.

Fighting For Heart: How emotional intelligence can transform the way you live, love, and lead.

Cards to deepend your life, love and leadership.

This card set and its companion book, Fighting for Heart, offer practical tools to recover your heart and grow your EQ in ways that can transform every aspect of your life and leadership. The Heart-Engaged EQ System is an experiential roadmap for indi- viduals, teams, organizations, families, friends, educators, and counselors. It’s like moving from monochrome to color. Life simply becomes more alive, opening doors to the things that matter most.

The Human Operating System

The Human Operating System is like the Amazon in that it flows through the heart of leadership development like a mighty river. Applying the five transformative principles and processes in the HOS is so much more effective than hacking through the forest of leadership trade books, workshops, and management techniques. Many of these tools can be helpful, but they often function more like “Apps” or accessories rather than a deeper Operating System that can offer meaning, direction, and coherence to everything you might do as a Leader.


Jack Nicholson and Rob Murray have been developing the Human Operating System over many years of work with executive leaders, teams, and organizations. The deep change process and principles embedded in the HOS have made a significant difference with leaders who have become frustrated, depleted, and fragmented, trying to build enterprises with tools and resources no longer sufficient.

Dr. Stephen Mansfeld, Author and Business Leader
“It is rare that a book about the much-treated topic of leadership gives us so much that is new — new grids of understanding, new language that rivets meaning to our minds, even a new and refreshing level of transparency. Jack Nicholson and Rob Murray have offered leaders a valuable gift with their wisdom, their scholarship, and their compassion. This is just the type of book we need in our time.”

Laura Fisher, PhD, Psychologist, Educator
“I’ve actively built a career around my passion to see individuals, groups and communities living with deepened levels of fullness and engaging the process of transformation. I have never read a book such as this. The transformational leadership framework and approach offered in this book is revolutionary. May we live our lives fully by integrating heart, soul, mind, and strength!”

Chip Dodd, PhD, Author, Teacher, Mentor
“The Human Operating System offers its reader and doer a practical, purposeful, and passionate approach to living the full life of leadership, at home and at work. This work offers a plan of action that actually speaks to how we are created. It integrates heart, soul, mind and strength that develops the fullest, strongest leader, one who understands the power of excellence and compassion.”

Randy Tucker, President & CEO of Geodis (Retired October 2020)
“The Human Operating System gives any leader and organization the tools required to turn exhausting performance into exhilarating performance. The organization I was responsible for was exceptionally high performing in terms of Revenue, Earnings, and Cash Flow. At the end of each year we overachieved expectations and were completely exhausted and absent celebration. That is because we operated mostly above the line. Then we found our heart and soul and we continued our exceptional performance with celebration and absent exhaustion. I invite you to operate below the line as well.”

Bob Goff, New York Times Best Selling Author
“This book is not just an explanation, but a reminder about why we do what we do, the impact our lives can have in the world and an encourage- ment to carry on.”

Bob Westfall, Founder and CEO Westfall Gold & Author
“Speechless! Could be the most revolutionary business book of my life- time. Full of empirical data, anecdotal evidence, and practical application. Follow these truths and principles and it could culminate in revolutionary transformational impact in your business, and personal life.”