Most people are under-resourced, but the problem is they don’t know what they want and need or how to ask for it. A meaningful life requires overcoming these challenges and finding the support of a tribe.  The Personal Circle is an intentional gathering of people who have already invested in your life to the extent […]

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We all want a meaningful life but are becoming less willing to wait patiently. We are impulsive and fixated on the instant hit of endorphins, more so the substance of character. Meaning requires a developmental mindset, and that takes time. You cannot microwave the deep life. We also never know which moments may become a

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Have you ever been distanced or cut off by a family member, friend, or community without notice or choice? Or maybe you have done so to someone yourself. Of course, you have! We often use unhealthy Distance and Cutoffs to manage the fears, anxiety, and insecurities that arise in relational or communal systems. We find

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Many of us learned how to find safety and healing for the inevitable wounds of life by being more defensive, independent, or self-sufficient. To live a meaningful life requires letting down the drawbridge, coming out of the fortress at some point, and courageously reaching for interdependence with others. While Denial, Distraction, and Determination have become

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