Dr Rob Murray

About Rob

Researcher, Change Agent & Thought Leader in Emotional Intelligence and Transformational Leadership

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Rob helps leaders, teams, and organizations humanize their leadership by integrating the head and the heart. Are you tired, complacent, or in need of something new?

Rob helps people move and change. He pushes others to reach for the courage needed to make bold moves and take smart risks. Rob invites you to let go of the numbing comfort and predictability of the status quo and reach for more. There is more!  Are you coming?

"There is no passion to be found in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living."
Nelson Mandela

Robs Experience

Over the last fifteen years, Rob has worked at the intersection of Faith, Business, and Social Justice. This journey led him to complete a Masters’s Degree in Social & Civic Entrepreneurship, and a Doctorate in Transformational Leadership.

Co-founder and CEO of Transformed Leader

Rob fosters a deep passion for developing transformative resources and approaches that systemically help leaders and teams engage in deep-change strategies, both personally and professionally.

Director of Westfall Speakers

A talent agency that works alongside Westfall Gold, specializes in securing the best presenters and performers for the major and mega-donor events.

Host of the Talk Of Change Podcast

The Talk of Change Podcast is a show designed to inspire and deepen your life and leadership both at home and at work.

Researcher, Communicator, and Facilitator

Rob Murray is a business leader, experiential facilitator, and inspirational speaker who fuels his topics and content with his Doctoral research on Change Leadership.

Work With Rob

Whether it’s personal or professional coaching, consulting, speaking, or retreating, Rob would love to explore any ways to overlap and connect.