Refresh Your Meaning

Most people want to live a meaningful life, but there is often a gap between this hope and the reality of how they feel and what they do.  If you are tired, exhausted, and overwhelmed by the hustle and grind, you are not alone. 

Let’s explore how to make more sense of our lives, stories, and purpose in the world. In this season, let’s highlight and face the threats and challenges that stand in our way. 

If you become aware of a lack of clarity around your meaning, don’t worry. This truth is equally important. Far better to notice and attend to this need than to blunder ahead and lead blindly. 

You don’t hear people on their deathbeds talking about the extra money they didn’t make or projects they didn’t complete. With our last breath on this planet, we want to know that we fought hard and lived deeply. We want to know that our lives mattered. That people will give a damn when we are gone because we meant so much to them.  

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