Have you ever been distanced or cut off by a family member, friend, or community without notice or choice? Or maybe you have done so to someone yourself. Of course, you have! We often use unhealthy Distance and Cutoffs to manage the fears, anxiety, and insecurities that arise in relational or communal systems. We find […]

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Many of us learned how to find safety and healing for the inevitable wounds of life by being more defensive, independent, or self-sufficient. To live a meaningful life requires letting down the drawbridge, coming out of the fortress at some point, and courageously reaching for interdependence with others. While Denial, Distraction, and Determination have become

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Most people want to live a meaningful life, but there is often a gap between this hope and the reality of how they feel and what they do.  If you are tired, exhausted, and overwhelmed by the hustle and grind, you are not alone.  Let’s explore how to make more sense of our lives, stories,

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