Jack Nicholson

Jack Nicholson – YOUR SELF (S2:Ep1)

Nothing about your life is happening within a vacuum. In this session, Jack Nicholson and Rob Murray set the tone for this whole Talk of Change series by sharing from the intersection of the human and the context in which they express themselves. You cannot risk overlooking either sides of this work and home polarity when desiring deep change and transformation. Download the FREE change guides for this series at www.talkofchange.com

To keep living we are required to breathe in, but also out, and then to repeat both continually. If you polarize (stop on either end), you die. Jack’s Human Systems Polarity™ has radically impacted the work both he and Rob do with leaders, teams and organizations. It supercharges the systemic potential for improving and strengthening the whole ecosystem, starting with you!

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