In this episode, we continue to explore another three of the twelve emotions. Rob and Natalie talk about how anger is vital for progress, excitement for joy, and guilt for safety. Once we learn to understand and use the same words to describe our “insides,” relationships can soar to new heights. I feel, you feel, […]

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Learning to share an emotional language is vital for healthy individuals and communities. Feelings, much like the color of our blood, like death and desire, remind us that we are all equally human, created with common realities, common motivations, and common bonds that transcend the intricacies of our individual lives. Core Emotions and affect labeling have

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Who are you truly? Life has a way of pushing us into specific roles and responsibilities to survive and thrive in various seasons. Emotional health begins to emerge when we can start to recover and engage our core sense of self rather than be overrun by these roles. Join Rob and Natalie for this second

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Join Rob & Nat: Are feelings good or bad? Do they help us or hurt us? I have spent significant time in my life and career researching, studying, practicing, and being mentored in the field of emotional intelligence and resilience. As a result, I have become keenly aware that these simple questions are answered in

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In this final episode of the Home & Work Connected Series, Rob interviews Heath Slawner on the topic of organizational culture. Heath works alongside some of the business world’s leading thinkers and researchers (including Simon Sinek‘s team) to uncover how leaders can bring teams together to achieve extraordinary results. What do all great organizations have in

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Organizations often fail to have, or capitalize on a corporate vision that can positively and constructively inspire, energize, and inform leaders and teams. How can you get better at transitioning from transactional to transformational and turning both you employees and customers into ambassadors? Rob Murray talks with Bob Westfall on this episode about navigating this

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It has been well established that Purpose is an essential human need. It is easy to forget this when considering team culture. Rob Murray & Brad Stinson talk in this episode about the incredible opportunity that exists for leaders, teams, and organizations who seek to intentionally recover and align around Purpose both at work and

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While recovery from a leadership crash is usually possible, what if we could instead learn to recognize the prior warning signs and intervene before it happens at all? Join Rob Murray with Dr. Stephen Mansfield in this first episode of part two on the Home & Work Connected series, where they talk about ten very

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There are limitations to what parents, communities, and governments can, and should even do in an attempt to shelter and protect young people from being bullied. However, children are not powerless to solve their social problems yet that’s become a foundational premise in our society. Rob Murray spends time with Brooks Gibbs on the Talk

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Kid’s don’t need perfect parents. That statement is easier to say than to believe right?  Children, like a partner or spouse, offer a powerful opportunity to grow your capacity for connection. That growth can positively translate into other areas of your life, including at work.  Rob Murray spends time with Dr. Chip Dodd on the

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