Thinking smarter and working harder can be exhausting. What if there was more?

Dr. Rob is a Thought Leader, Researcher, and Practitioner in the field of Emotional Intelligence and Transformational Leadership.

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These are the 4 core ingredients that make us human. Which one of these is your home base and how do you flow through the quadrants? Discover your greatest potential and contributions and better understand those around you.

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Harness the power of your heart to transform the way you live, love and lead.

Fighting For Heart: How emotional intelligence can transform the way you live, love, and lead.

Are you tired, frustrated, or stuck?

Most people will exhaust the go-to strategy of thinking smarter and working harder manage the overwhelming demands and complexities life and leadership. Denial, Distraction, and Determination become the managers and mediators we use to survive.


Ignorance and denial can feel like bliss, temporarily soothing us from the painful realities of a beautifully complicated life.


Activity keeps us busy and distracted from the deeper anxiety and complexity that stirs and brews below the surface.


Iron-willed determination becomes an aggressive voice demanding that you work harder, faster, and longer than anyone, anytime, all the time.

The greatest need in our culture today is for high capacity leaders and teams to become transformational in their work.

It is common for leaders and teams to get stuck or experience resistance when trying to cross over into bold new levels of growth. To compensate, people may begin to hide, over function, or detach. By working at the intersection of the leader’s development and their contexts, we develop experiences, resources, and consulting opportunities to guide and nurture their capacity, connection, courage, and character.



Rob is the host of the Talk of Change Podcast, opening up conversation around his work and research on Emotional Intelligence and Transformative Change.



Transform your life and leadership by reading and applying the research-based principles in Rob’s books, workbooks, and online courses.



Rob shares talks about his own journey and research to help others recover and engage their hearts in ways that can transform their personal and professional arenas.



Rob is the CEO of Transformed Leader, an innovative coaching and consulting group that helps leaders, teams, and organizations address and overcome leadership challenges.

About Rob

My commitment to the field of emotional intelligence and transformational leadership is personal.

Rob is the CEO and co-founder of Transformed Leader, a leadership research, coaching, and consulting company that helps mission-driven organizations and leaders overcome their greatest challenges. Rob uses experiential and transformative learning processes to guide leaders who have become frustrated, depleted, and fragmented, trying to build enterprises with tools and resources that are no longer sufficient.

He is the host of the Talk of Change Podcast, opening up conversation around his work and research on Emotional Intelligence and Transformative Change. He is also the author of two books, The Human Operating System: Recovering the heart and soul of your leadership and Fighting for Heart: Why leaders are tired and what to do about it.


What My Clients are Saying

“Jack’s and Rob’s content will help you understand and execute what a fully integrated leader looks like and how it will help your business, your marriage, and your decisions. This book is a great starting place. It is worth the effort!”
Retired VP at Chick-fil-A Inc.
Dr. Rob is one of the most gifted leaders I’ve ever had the privilege of working with. He has given light to my past and present through his thoughtful and brilliant frameworks that just make sense. His personal style is authentic while maintaining incredible depth. 
Ben Zobrist
MLB World Series Champion and MVP
Rob brings to light challenging perspectives that so clearly explain why many leaders struggle to thrive or burn out. I immediately saw myself in his stories of other leaders and at a practical level, his four quadrants have enhanced my understanding and given me a path to the application.
Rick Waggoner
Senior Vice President & Chief Development Officer, Convoy of Hope
Rob Murray provides a new perspective on organizational leadership and practical tools to help leaders reinvent themselves as whole leaders motivating the heart, soul, mind, and strength of those they manage.
Dr. Brad Smith
President, Bakke Graduate University

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Whether it’s personal or professional coaching, consulting, speaking, or retreating, Rob would love to explore any ways to overlap and connect.